Contact & Impressum



Project manager | cultural advisor | textile ambassador between Europe and Africa | artist | retailer

I´m a creative and innovative personality with a preference for the bird eye view.
My main talent is the ability so see the “overall picture” – the vision of a project in a broad context. As a problem solver and “trouble shooter”, I always look for suitable solutions. As a result, my success is based on my creativity, my curiosity, my hands-on approach and my global mindset.


My acting focuses on ideas, innovations and information. I develop and realize project ideas with the aim to deliver inspiring and sustainable customer results.

My core competences are in the areas of Innovation, Culture, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting.

BENEFITS for you

- Individual project-based custom work
- Temporal demarcation
- Neutral point of view
- Clear cost structure
- Fair price-performance ratio
- Reaches goals through collaboration with others
- It's about progress & change, and change = innovation
My services for clients

Idea development & implementation
- Researching trend and markets
- Developing new, innovative products and services - Developing Business models

Strategies & concepts
- Developing strategies, concepts and studies
- Presenting & leading workshops

Project & Process management
- Leading projects
- External project manager
- Supporting projects
- Developing of new processes
- Marketing projects

Specialized knowledge

Because of my passion for foreign cultures, I was able to build extensive experience and expertise in the following topics:

- Innovation in emerging markets particularly in Africa, Arabia, Asia
- Trade routes between Europe-Africa-Asia
- African Arts & Crafts
- African fashion scene and fashion designers
- Textiles in Africa & Arabia
- Austrian embroidery / Austrian lace
- Crystal stones for textiles, jewelry, glass, furniture, etc.
- Crystal application techniques (Hotfix, Epoxy, Embroidery, etc.)

If you want to go fast
go alone,
if you want to go far,
go together.

African proverb